Tracing Your Application

Setting a tracing up depends on what kind of technology your application is made with.

Here's a list of currently supported technologies:

  • Serverless. You can easily trace most of the serverless applications no matter what kind of technology it is made with.
  • ExpressJS. That includes any technologies based on ExpressJS.
  • NestJS. NestJS is based on ExpressJS but goes a step further and provides an even deeper integration for the NestJS-based applications.
  • Sails.js. Sails.js is also based on ExpressJS but thanks to the Sails' hooks system it's much easier to set the tracing up.
  • Netlify Functions. provides a handler wrapper for Netlify Functions with a default unit name that results in a per-endpoint per-environment tracking. It is also possible to set up a function-level tracing for the Netlify Functions.
  • Vercel Functions. provides a handler wrapper for Vercel Serverless Functions with basic tracing.

If your favorite technology is not supported please contact us, and we'll see what we could do.