Integrating Slack and

Slack integration sends various notification messages to a specified Slack channel


1. Go to Slack Apps#

2. Create a new App#

Creating a new Slack App#

Give it a name, something like will work. Choose your workspace where you want to get the messages as a development workspace.

3. Go to OAuth & Permissions and add two scopes to the Bot Token scopes section: chat:write and chat:write.customize#

Adding OAuth Scopes

4. Now it's time to install the bot to your workspace. In the same OAuth & Permissions section click Install App to Workspace#

5. After you've successfully installed the bot to your workspace, you will get a bot token. Copy it.#

Copying slack bot token

6. Invite the bot to the channel by typing /invite @recapdev#

7. Go to your server settings page, then to integrations tab. Find Slack settings there. Paste your bot token and write the name of the channel where you want your notifications to go.#

Setting up your and Slack integration

8. Click Test to make sure integration works. This should send a message to the channel that looks like this:#

Slack Test Message

9. Don't forget to click save.#