Recap.Dev Server 0.6.2 Available Now

Arseny Yankovski

Arseny Yankovski

Lead Architect @ eMarketeer

We're happy to announce that Recap.Dev server 0.6.2 was released today.

Notable changes include:

  • Performance and stability improvements. We fixed a couple of bugs that will make your Recap.Dev server faster and more reliable.

  • Bugfixes. Fixed a notable bug where AWS Lambda timeout errors won't be reported to your Slack and a couple of smaller ones.

  • Fully anonymized usage statistics tracking. To understand our users better, we added fully anonymized and GDPR-compliant usage tracking. It doesn't collect any personal, private or sensitive information. You can still opt-out and completely disable it for your Recap.Dev server by setting the DISABLE_USAGE_ANALYTICS environment variable to 'true' on your Recap.Dev server installation.

Click here to learn how to upgrade your Recap.Dev server